Saturday, 15 September 2007

Australia 32 : Wales 20

I can't remember his name but the BBC's paper reviewer highlighted a painful quote from one newspaper this morning when the McCann's were described as the "Beckhams of Grief".

Everyone in the studio and my home went quiet as a really perceptive reviewer caught the mood of a deeply tragic moment.

This afternoon, every inch of the Millennium Stadium was full. On the way in somebody offered me a free spare ticket. I just wondered who painted it.

Only fools judge other people by the group. However, women have this uncanny habit of being right. The first thing my daughter said to me this morning was: "You know that we are going to lose don't you." She was right.

The game was really good though and we won the second half once again. We'll now have to face South Africa in the quarter final if we beat Japan and Fiji which we should do.

After the game I was on the road once again to my sister's house in north Wales. Tomorrow I'll be preaching in that place that has the longest name in Wales - Llanfair PG.

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