Thursday, 13 September 2007

The Morning After

The papers were full this morning of the success of the home footballing nations. Wales at 5:2 did brilliantly in Slovakia and England did well too.

The biggest cheer has to go to Scotland who went to France and beat them 1:0 on their home turf. I know now who I will be gunning for in the finals.

Wales are now playing well but we have left it far too late. A mathematical miracle could see us going through but that miracle won't happen.

The day closed well. I represented Cytun at an event arranged by BT in Caerphilly Castle. The dinner was fantastic in the great hall.

We celebrated BT's scheme to provide laptops for looked after children. Some 90 laptops have been distributed in Caerphilly. That scheme clearly deserves a cheer.

My good friend from the Yes for Wales days, Kevin Brenan MP gave a moving speech on children in care. It's good to know that he now has ministerial brief for children in the UK It beats being a Government whip.

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