Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Even More Convinced

Ten years ago I went nervously to the national count in Cardiff on behalf of the 'Yes For Wales' campaign. The devolution count was close then. It wouldn't be any more.

Devolution now expresses the settled will of the Welsh people. Some 83% are now in favour of some sort of devolution. (My friend Daran tells me its only 71% because independence is not a form of devolution).I was convinced of the cause then: I'm even more convinced now. I'm also convinced that Wales should have a proper Parliament along the Scottish model.

Unfortunately, I couldn't make the celebrations in Cardiff tonight. I had work to do for the churches with the Home Office today and I'm all alone in a hotel in London.


Daran said...

We missed you. Fly the flag in London. Yma o hyd...

Normal Mouth said...

It's only 71%. Independence is not a form of devolution.