Friday, 7 September 2007

Good Morning Wales

I got up very early this morning to do the paper reviews for BBC Radio Wales' Good Morning Wales. They gave me a late call yesterday afternoon because somebody had dropped out. As usual, it was fun but difficult concerning some issues.

Not that I can remember that much about the 6.30 a.m. slot, I highlighted: the issue of the McCann's being regarded as suspects in their own daughter's death; Gordon Brown not liking the re branding of the Scottish Government and The Sun's cruel cartoon of Pavarotti being given extra large wings before going into heaven. I'd just widen the gates for him.

Usually, by the 7.35 a.m. slot I have woken up or consumed enough 'Es' in my Diet Coke to speed me up a little.

I was really concerned with a report in The Independent about the anti immigration policies of one of the leading parties in Switzerland. The Swiss should know better than to threaten whole families with deportation because of one individual's criminality.

Leading NGO's threatening to withdraw from the Government's consultation on nuclear energy was another story. The story caught my wayward eye as someone who was brought up next door to a nuclear power station. I used to swim in Trawsfynydd lake because it was warm.

The very last story was from the Western Mail and huge fun. Wales' captain for Sunday's game against Canada is the Llanelli Scarlets scrum half, Dwayne Peel. They couldn't resist the imposed photograph of Captain Scarlet and I couldn't resist the story. My mind was already focused on Nantes and the Rugby World Cup.

The day closed really well with Diversity Awards Wales giving their awards. DPIA had been nominated for a diversity award but didn't get it. Never mind.

To make up a little for the disappointment I went down to the Bay to get a Cadwalader's ice cream As far as I can discern, coming from north Wales, it is the best ice cream in the world.

To see Wales in all its fantastic diversity was however, brilliant. On the issue of diversity, Wales has a lot still to do but we are seeing a new post devolution dawning. Good morning Wales.

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