Friday, 21 September 2007

The Falklands Wales Memorial Stone

My work frequently takes me to some special places.

Today, I spent time with colleagues from Cardiff City Council, the Welsh Assembly Government and the military in Wales discussing the finer details of the service to be held a week on Sunday to commemorate the men who lost their lives during the Falklands War. It will be a deeply moving occasion.

During the afternoon I spent some time with the veterans who were placing the memorial stone in its place. I saw the names written on that stone and held them, as much as I could, in prayer.

Many within my own faith community were opposed to the Falklands War. Many are opposed to all sorts of violence and warfare. Others believe that some wars are just.

We all, however, can offer comfort in that place called grief, when very ordinary men and women simply remember loved ones they have lost. Offering that comfort has a great deal to do with war but it doesn't, of itself, justify it.

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