Thursday, 6 September 2007

Jac Codi Baw and Pavarotti

It was sad to wake up this morning to the news that Pavarotti had died. I remembered him and his operatic singing fondly - as did many throughout the world.

Many a kind word has been said today and that's very appropriate. I prayed for his family.

The evangelical in me still doesn't rest easy praying for the dead. People are justified by faith rather than words or works.

On a sad day a friend told me that I had reached a certain place of distinction in Welsh life. The really funny writer of the satirical Jac Codi Baw (as in a picking up dirt sort of 'JCB' machine) corner of the Welsh language weekly had made fun out of my having to miss a game in the World Cup.

He suggested that my not going to the Fiji game in Nantes had something to do with a lack of faith rather than having a prior church engagement.

The piece in Golwg was funny and I appreciated the humorous words. I'll stick with faith though - as little as some people think I have.

It'll get me (and the Wales team) further that way I hope!

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