Friday, 24 August 2007

Asylum Legacy Cases

With a view to doing an interview early tomorrow morning on Radio Wales as Chair of Displaced People in Action, I received some good news tonight. Apparently, the Home Office intends to allow some 70-80% of the asylum legacy cases to remain in the UK. It's not an amnesty however.

It's ages since I did an asylum issue interview. My friends have briefed me well and quickly. I'll be OK.

Local authorities are justifiably concerned, particularly over the issue of housing. People will have to move on from asylum based housing. The problems are however, not insurmountable with good planning. The process of making so many new refugees as opposed to asylum seekers should be phased in.

Human beings allowed to work and prosper are not a drain on any nation. The transition between being asylum seekers to being refugees with leave to remain will demand good planning and some flexibility for the immediate future.

If what I have been told tonight is true it will bless the lives of so many people I know. It will devastate others who will probably now be removed quickly.

I'll probably call by one of the families that I know tomorrow morning after the BBC interview. They come from Iran. I hope and pray that they are within the 80%. I'll be devastated if aren't.

I was quoted in the Western Mail today defending the status quo regarding school assemblies. Peter Black AM had started a debate about the issue in his blog.

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