Saturday, 25 August 2007

The X Factor

The early morning interview with Radio Wales went OK. On the way in I shared a studio with a fit looking young man in a Welsh rugby shirt.

His interview was good and funny. Everyone in the studio took an instant like to him. So did I. The producer allowed his interview to overrun. I'm pleased it did.

He looked fit because he has to be fit as a soldier. But he was there by his own admission to talk about a far more frightening experience than soldiering - appearing on the X Factor.

I must admit I have grown a little tired of this expression of humiliation TV but I'll still watch it especially as they get to the really talented stage. Whatever happened to Leona though?

Ryan didn't tell us then whether he got through or not. He certainly did though with an unanimous vote. I watched him tonight.

He'll go far I think. He'll get lots of votes - especially Welsh ones.

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