Sunday, 12 August 2007

Steve Eaves and Moelyci

The road from north Wales to Cardiff nearly always feels longer than the road going up. Today, I had a chance to listen to some music that meant something to me. It made the journey much shorter and brought back good memories.

Since the late seventies I have enjoyed Steve Eaves' music mostly at a distance. Both of us were students at Lampeter University and lived next door to each other for a year. The music even then was good and for free through the walls of Lloyd Thomas Hall. I never had cause to complain. Steve's music always had meaning and something to say to me even when I wasn't in a place to understand.

Both of us eventually moved to the Bangor area to live. Our two families kept in contact for a few short years before we moved again to Botwnnog on the Llyn Peninsula in the early eighties. Sian, Steve's wife, provided good company around the early days of two sets of small children. Their children learnt to walk on the slopes of Moelyci. It's there also that Sian's ashes were scattered.

Thanks Steve, for the music and for much more on two journeys that have occasionally joined at some special places.

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