Wednesday, 22 August 2007

He's Not a Brazilian

I am nothing other than a loyal fan of BBC's Breakfast. Sometimes however, the program's Anglo-centric view of the world really gets up my nose.

I know that they have to cover the England versus Germany match but I just wish that they recognised that some of us have other games on our minds. I simply don't belong to any "us" or "we" when England are playing.

What really mattered to me today was that a very young and inexperienced Welsh team had a fantastic one nil win in Bulgaria. It's not that I don't like England, it's simply that I have my own team to support. That team is Wales.

During the last World Cup, just to make the competition interesting, I put a bet of £10 on Brazil to win. One night in Cardiff, of all places, I was asked by a garage proprietor if I would like an England souvenir with my petrol.

He got terribly upset when I (in total innocence) said that I would rather have a Brazilian souvenir. It took me a while to register why he was so annoyed. He wasn’t Brazilian!

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