Friday, 31 August 2007

The Wedding Practice

Now that I no longer have a parish it's always fun to do weddings. That's because it's only people who really want you to do their wedding who will invite you to marry them (so to speak). That's nice. It's one of those ultimate compliments and it's really appreciated.

This afternoon, I spent an hour or so in the middle of a fairly busy day helping Leah and Eilir practice their wedding in Llandaff Cathedral. Eilir is brilliant at leading choirs - especially the famous Welsh choir CF1. Our two families met years ago on a holiday at a caravan park in Scotland for "spent vicars". We've remained friends ever since.

It was during one of those holidays that the owner of the caravan park taught me how to fly fish in the middle of a field. Don't worry I didn't catch anything when I fished by water either. Eilir's dad, who was another spent vicar (or minister in his Presbyterian case) was good at golf - that is, if beating me is a measure of being good.

Leah is just brilliant but had the misfortune of being one of my parishoners for eight years. She and her family survived the experience and have been so kind in their friendship that they now want me to do tomorrow's wedding.

I'm really looking forward to it. There is no greater honour than being asked to share people's special moments. So here's a big thank you. Tomorrow will be brilliant and fun!

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Siôn Meredith said...

Diolch Aled am ein priodi ni dros ddwy flynedd ar bymtheg yn ôl. Rwyt yn dal i gael y bai am lot o bethau.