Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Shrek 3 When It's Raining

Just before the nice lady behind the counter at Cineworld saw my unlimited card she asked me a one word question: "Concessions?"

"Thank you for thinking that I am less than eighteen" was my response. She didn't get the joke and I shouldn't have embarassed her.

I have a friend who works in broadcasting who occasionally sees me in Cineworld in Cardiff. That's usually because he's there to. He's commented rather unkindly once or twice of late that I'm always there alone in a brown overcoat. I won't name him because he's famous and I still like him and his sense of humour.

I have an answer to his comment as well: "That's what happens when no one else in the family wants to go and see Shrek 3 when it's raining."

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