Sunday, 19 August 2007

Bathafarn and the Bourne Ultimatum

Preaching in my sister's chapel in Rhuthun, Bathafarn, was good today although getting there meant getting up at quarter to six in the morning. There was a good response to a sermon on the transfiguration and people were kind.

On the way up I decided to follow the "Tom Tom" instructions and go through mid Wales. The road between Builth Wells and Welshpool always reminds me of snakes and ladders. Mind you, the only thing I saw on the road worthy of note were two dead sheep.

Tonight, after chapel, was really good. We all went to Rhyl to watch The Bourne Ultimatum. The film is brilliant. I just could not let a minute go by.

I didn't notice any dead sheep around the car chases though. The film makers simply didn't chose Welshpool as one of their exotic places. That's their loss. Driving in a hurry between Builth and Welshpool would have been worth seeing in any film.


Wayne said...

Thank you Aled for a Soul searching Sermon today.
It was a very moving experience, and I am so glad I chose to come to listen to you.
It is very reassuring to know that we have a man of your calibre leading Cytun in Wales in these times.
Eventhough I believe we are embarking on a new and different era in religion in Wales.
Diolch a phob bendith.

Aled Edwards said...

Many thanks Wayne. It was really good to see you. The congregation was a joy. You will all be very much in my prayers.

Diolch o galon a phob bendith.