Thursday, 2 August 2007

Norma Moses

I used to be a foster carer and enjoyed the experience for the most part. Our household never ventured into the area of offering a home to teenagers. If my memory serves me right, that decision had something to do with our children being small at the time we used to foster.

At times, when the going got tough, I used to have a bad joke about liking King Herod’s child protection policies. It took some time for some to register that I didn’t really admire the megalomaniac from ancient Israel who killed wives as well as children.

I am full of admiration for Norma Moses who “changed the future” of her 17-year old foster daughter according to today’s Western Mail. Kathryn Lewis saw fit to nominate her for the prestigious Believe in Me Awards. Norma and David from Abercynon have fostered more than 50 teenagers. Really well done is all I can say.

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Box-Of-Crayons said...

hey Aled, its kathryn lewis here the girl from your article that you posted on the internet. I am so pleased that you noticed this in the papers.

thanks again kath Lewis x