Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Christians Eat Lions

This week, my tickets for next month's Wales v Germany match came through. I'll go but the game doesn't matter any more. Wales can't go through to the finals. Yes, I do have a slightly competitive streak!

If anybody asks me what heaven is like I have a tidy answer. Being in heaven must be something like Craig Bellamy scoring the winning goal against Italy at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff in a major championship before a crowd of 72,000. He did that during the qualifying rounds of the European 2004 championship in October 2002. That night, in our fantastic stadium, I felt that the Christians had eaten the Roman lions and spoiled the Azzurri’s day.

Wales almost got through to the finals the following year. I am still of the view that we would have done so if the Russians weren't running on something other than grass during that decisive play off game in Cardiff in November 2003. It was later confirmed that Egor Titov had failed a drug test.

I’m very objective in my approach to issues around Wales playing football!

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