Friday, 10 August 2007

A Good End?

For the first time ever today, I actually attended the chairing of the bard ceremony. I really enjoyed it and was pleased to hear that T. James Jones from Cardiff had been deemed worthy. His nephew Tudur Dylan Jones won the crown earlier this week. It brought a really good week to an end except for one little thing.

At the beginning of this week I thought that the worst thing that could happen to anyone at the Eisteddfod was for someone to come up to me saying “you can’t remember who I am can you?” I’d sussed how to handle that little problem. Tonight, I discovered something much worse. I greeted someone whom I thought was someone else.

I’ll think about my social gaff tonight and decide whether I should apologise to my friend that I thought his wife was someone else. Alternatively, I could call it a day and stop digging a hole for myself. Such is the life of a seasoned eisteddfodwr!

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