Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Do You Remember Who I am?

This Eisteddfod has been truly fantastic and my colleagues have made our church tent a brilliant experience for many. Thousands have already come under our roof for fellowship, worship and lots of tea and coffee. Being at the Eisteddfod is one of the highlights of my year. It's the company that matters.

There is one disadvantage however. Every year, someone from my distant past will come and spring that awful question on me accusingly: "You don't remember who I am do you?" There is within the question an implicit accusation that I am failing them as a pastor. A few years ago I discovered the ideal answer to the question that is given in order to embarrass and belittle: "Oh, I'm really sorry, I thought that I had buried you last year." No one who has been given that answer has asked the question twice.


Daran said...

That really made me laugh Aled! Hopefully everyone you've used it on has seen the funny side. I'm sure you deliver it with the usual twinkle in your eye. Mwynha'r Steddfod

Ponty Evans said...

Aled, we've met met many times but you still have no idea who I am! Now I can see why. I'll make a point of making myself known to you at every opportunity!



Aled Edwards said...

Hi Huw and Daran

Really good to hear from you both. Thanks for the response. Alas, some people don't quite get my humour - but never mind. Sorry for not getting back to you Huw - I do remember you well and thanks for finding the asylum seekers I lost in the rain in Saint David's.

Hwyl bawb!!