Monday, 6 August 2007

A Hero and a Giant

Tonight I observed two giants on stage.

The first, Dafydd Iwan, has led many of my generation through his songs, his protests and his willingness to make personal sacrifices for his beliefs. For the rights of Welsh speakers, this man of faith and commitment to peace, has been imprisoned. For many, he will always be a hero who pioneered a course of action for those who chose to speak their own language in their own land.

The other hero on the stage was the former Welsh rugby international, Ray Gravell. Ray had his leg amputated recently following an illness. He received a standing ovation which flowed from a deep affection that is rarely given by a nation to its own.

Both men have walked among us as heroes. Ray Gravell has become a giant in our midst. He is destined now to remain so.

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